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Happy Turn-around Tuesday! 🙂 (that’s not a thing but it should be)

Well, my rewrite fell through, didn’t make the script-a-ton deadline :\ I’m pissed at myself. Earlier in the month I worked on a script for thearmyof7 and that ate up way more time than i anticipated and so the rewrite suffered. Grr…

Time for monthly reassessment. I find I’ve been doing this more and more often and it think its working. This gives me the chance to look at what I’ve done and accomplished (or not accomplished) and work to get it right the next month.

I WAS thinking about doing a novel, just for a break. But I’ve decided not to. I am going to focus on my portfolio: Feature, TV Pilot (*not* calling it “Pilot”), a TV spec script, a short, and… something else. I keep hearing that 3-4 good works are essential for a portfolio before marketing to a manager/agent/producer etc. and so why not have 5? 🙂 they will be of varying genres and I believe will be a good overview of my writing ability. Once that is done then… on to the next step!

So that’s the plan. Always have a goal, always. And *complete* them! That is what I failed this month and will do better for August.

Take care everyone! 🙂 May the new month be productive for everyone!