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Been writing a bit but mostly re-watching Dollhouse. I cannot BELIEVE it only ran 26 episodes!! Whedon is the master of reversal. You think you know where it’s going, or where you think the change-up is and then all of a sudden everything is inverted and goes through another set of twists. Blows my mind every time.

I want to write like that.

These aren’t cheap plot-twists or blind-twists (those are the worse), they are character driven, you see, eventually, that they all originate from the characters and who they are and what they want, for good or for evil. And each character has a depth that rivals the protagonist.

I NEED to write like that!

Anyway, still working it all out. Kinda thought of a horror/thriller based of these new re-discovered approach.

Two more days until the weekend! Stay frosty everyone!! ^_^

Oh and my cat was sleeping on my kindle today. So damned cute!!!