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Welp, my kickstarter project for my YA novel didn’t go though. Sad. I was looking forward to getting the funds together and creating a physical novel, not just and ebook. I’m old school like that. But it is in failure were we learn the most and I have learned A LOT. Enough to where if I ever make another campaign (and I just might in the next few months) I feel confident I’ll do so much better.

To that effect, I’m still moving forward with the novel, and picking back up a horror/thriller script I set on the back burner. You should always have two projects going at the same time and bounce between them. But this weekend, I’ll have two days off in a row (yay!) and I’ll be working on a 2.5k – 5k word short story for America’s Next Author. A unique approach to a contest where for eight weeks a story will be nominated according to the number of votes it gets (as well as 4 wild card slots chosen by the judges). I’ve very interested in getting this underway and my short story will be connected to the Ashlyn’s Empathy novel, a bit of backstory.

So yes, I’m disappointed that my kickstarter did go through (though again, I made many mistakes and will rectify them for next time) but I’m stepping forward, taking the experience with aplomb and ready to tackle the next challenge!! >:D

Have a fantastic extended weekend everyone!