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I’m giving up writing in the ‘+’ in my titles. Too distracting and superfluous.

This morning, before firing up my computer, I started writing. Not too much, about maybe a page’s worth. I turned on Pandora on my phone, blew the dust off my Alphasmart 3000 and started cracking. I knew that if I turned on my computer, the first program I turned on wouldn’t me Word or Final Draft, it would be Firefox. Then I would just check my email, then my Facebook, then Twitter, then my Tumblr, and half-an-hour of just ‘checking up’ on stuff I would still not have written a word. (even as I write this, all those tabs are open)  I know this about me.

So I used a ridiculously old piece of equipment that worked just as well as I needed to without internet access and just spent time in pure writing. I don’t have the best work ethic when it comes to writing. From what I hear, neither do a lot of writers, and that offers a bit of encouragement. But all professional writers, all who have been published or produced and who mark down “Self-employed Writer” on their W-2, all have an effective work ethic. If I want to be at that level, then I need to change drastically.

The first is knowing what keeps me from actually writing. The internet (best/worse invention ever), a cluttered workspace, a chaotic environment, all detract from my ability and willingness to write. And so I’m working on making my desk as close to a ‘work-only’ center as best as I can, taking advantage of the best times for me to write (early morning or mid-afternoon if I have work. late evening I’m a lazy-ass unless there is a deadline breathing down my neck), even monitoring my exercise  and eating habits all contribute to finding the optimal atmosphere to write.

Nothing here is new and hasn’t been said to death by… everyone. But a fresh reminder now and again never hurts. It is too easy to settle into a routine and not realize it’s not wholly effective. In fact, I would say breaking up your routine is an essential part of your routine. 🙂

Happy Humpday everyone, the weekend is halfway(ish) here!